Monday 19th Sept 2022 Hughenden QLD

Here was another day in Hughenden for us to visit the surrounding countryside and sights.  For example, the recreation lake just over the way from our free campsite and had a number of pergolas with tables and benches for picnics. We swam a number of times in the fresh water of the lake and walked around the perimeter. A couple of gas barbeques were provided … Continue reading Monday 19th Sept 2022 Hughenden QLD

Grass Hut Station to Hughenden

Monday 12th Sept 2022 Having settled in to Grass Hut Station, GD offered his services to help out with general farm duties.  This was accepted by the owners Barry and Liz Miller who set the task of cleaning their trucks.  Two were Kenworths and one Scania.  Barry transports cattle in three trailers and the largest Kenworth is a 900 series prime mover which he allowed … Continue reading Grass Hut Station to Hughenden

Sunday 4th Sept 2022

Millaa Millaa Using Millaa Millaa as our base, we journeyed to Tully Falls expecting a large amount of water over the precipice, but alas, the river had been dammed at Koombooloomba Lake which is now the storage for the hydro-electricity plant, therefore the amount of water allowed down the falls was minute!  Obviously, the place to be was the Koombooloomba dam and we passed many … Continue reading Sunday 4th Sept 2022

Friday 12th Aug 2022 – Daintree Rain Forest.

The journey from Mt Molloy to Cape Tribulation was only about 2 hours and the sealed road took us through a variety of landscapes, hugging the coastline sometimes and also climbing mountains. But there was an hour wait for the ferry crossing at the Daintree River which carries about 20 vehicles and is winched across the river via two thick cables.  The number of vehicles … Continue reading Friday 12th Aug 2022 – Daintree Rain Forest.

Tuesday 9th Aug 2022 – Chillagoe

Our departure from Undara this morning was not without its regrets.  We had a wonderful time of adventure and discovery in this Etheridge Shire over the past 9 days but new adventures beckon. We arrived in Chillagoe at about 11.00am as it was only a 180 km drive over mostly bitumen roads.  Chillagoe is a delightful small town founded on mines of copper, zinc, tin, … Continue reading Tuesday 9th Aug 2022 – Chillagoe

Thursday 30th June 2022-Katherine

Leaving Judbarra/Gregory National Park we journeyed along the Victoria Hwy to Katherine amidst overcast and drizzly conditions.  Stopping off at some interesting outlooks along the way, most notably Joe Creek rest area in the Wanimiyn Aboriginal Land Trust area.  Here we found some fascinating rock paintings on the gorge walls high up from the parking area. Within another 80kms we arrived at Katherine and booked … Continue reading Thursday 30th June 2022-Katherine

El Questro

Monday 20th June 2022 Our arrival at El Questro, around 3.00pm, coincided with multiple caravans and assorted mobile living contraptions. We elected for non-powered site and even these areas were filling fast.  Never have we witnessed so many campers in one place at the same time.  We squeezed into an area that felt like some other campers backyard, but it was all we could do … Continue reading El Questro